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Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio


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We have been hearing about the Alfa Romeo revival plan for some time now but finally the Giulia has broke cover and what a stunner it is. This is the Quadrifoglio version which is set to rival BMW M3 and the Mercedes-Benz C63. To be playing in this category Alfa Romeo have fitted the Giulia with 503bhp ‘Ferrari-inspired’ 3.0 V6 with two turbos for power and cylinder deactivation to improve economy when not under the hammer. 100km/h is to come up in just 3.9 seconds making this saloon seriously quick! Power will be to the ground via the rear wheels although Alfa have stated that 4WD with a proper torque-vectoring rear diff will be optional elsewhere in the range.

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Inside, the design is typically Italian and exquisite with all controls grouped together on the small steering wheel in a similar fashion to an Formula 1 car. Here you can adjust the Alfa DNA selector and the infotainment system. Noticeable changes are that the DNA selector now also goes from Dynamic’ to ‘Race’. Premium materials, including carbon fibre and real wood, are used to make it not just appealing on the eye but also luxurious to to your senses.
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Back on the exterior Alfa say weight distribution is a perfect 50:50, and there has been a lot of effort to reduce that overall mass. Carbonfibre is used extensively including the propshaft, roof and bonnet. Not only the suspension and subframes are rendered in aluminium, but the doors and wings too. Overall weight is about 1500kg, which is superb for a saloon with this grunt! Early indications are that we won’t see this car on Irish roads until late 2016 but we aren’t half excited here at auditbg