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BMW Motorrad Sales Success


BMW Motorrad, the motorycle division of BMW is continuing to increase sales and its market share across Ireland. In the category of motorcycles greater than 500cc engine capacity BMW Motorrad has a 37.85 percent market share. In the period between January and June 2014 they have sold 109 units, the second largest seller is Harley Davidson wit 36 units registered, giving them a 12.5 percent market share. BMW Motorrad plan to increase their market share even further with new models arriving in the coming months and into early 2015. For full details on their range of motorcycles please visit


BRAND                      Volume                      Market Share %

BMW                          109                             37.85

Harley                          36                             12.50

Suzuki                          33                              11.46

Honda                          26                                9.03

Yamaha                        23                                7.99

Triumph                       21                                7.29

Ducati                          20                                6.94

Kawasaki                     13                                4.51

KTM                                7                                2.43